Salary, work, spending, saving, investing, housing and pensions: these are the seven fields of expertise in which men and women battle today. At least, in our infographic “Men vs. Women: Money Management”, which has all the answers to the financial behavior questions that start with “Who’s better at…?”.

Men still make more money than women, that’s not news: it has been like this since women got into the work market and started working. They earn 32 percent more than women, according to the average earnings of full time employees. However, the gap between genders seems to be reducing in this case, a change that was especially obvious during the financial downturn and is very welcome as a way to improve equality between genders.

Nevertheless, women are also the big winners in other areas like work or savings, as stated by our infographic. Who would say? Women are smart with money after all, against to what a lot of people used to think. This quality showed especially after this rough economic period, when they started to go out less and to spend less money on frivolities.

But, although women tend to have higher savings and are more likely to be homeowners, men are still the first ones to cross the finish line in other fields like pensions and investments. This shows that men also think about the future by applying their money on other solutions more versatile than just our usual saving accounts. Men also make smart choices and our infographic proves it with numbers and a lot of knowledge, as you will be able to see.

In the end, math presents the final results and the winner of this financial race. Discover who makes more money and who saves or spends more money with our “Men vs. Women: Money Management” infographic.