Mobile devices have taken retail to a whole new level, raising both opportunity and expectations for retailers and consumers. Retailers who offer a good mobile experience are seeing a boost in brand perception and a boost in sales.

Growth in mobile commerce is outpacing traditional ecommerce growth by a healthy 200%. A recent infographic produced by Baynote shows this and other positive trends for retailers, including:

  • Mobile purchases are driving significant revenues, with mcommerce retailers Apple and Amazon topping $8 billion (yes, billion) in 2013 revenues via mobile
  • 48% of transactions are made on iPads, good news if you’re a retailer since tablet purchasers spend and average of 20% more than smartphone buyers
  • The top mcommerce categories include high profit items such as apparel and accessories, event tickets and video games and 63% of consumers plan to shop more on their mobile phones in the next few years

Check out the full infographic below for all the ways mcommerce is changing the way consumers shop and buy.

Which stat in the infographic surprises you the most?