Owning a small business is a lot of work, and you might find yourself trying to do it all by yourself. Small business ownership often means making sacrifices, whether it’s skipping a paycheck to keep the business afloat, or skipping weekends and vacations to get everything done. Trying to be the accountant, secretary, marketing guru, and CEO is too much for one person. Learning to delegate will save your sanity and your business.

Decision Fatigue

Making decisions takes effort, even if they’re choices with little long-term importance. The more choices you have to make, the harder each one becomes. Facing too many decisions on a regular basis can make you act reactively, instead of taking a proactive approach to prevent problems. If you’re always trying to put out fires, you’re probably suffering from decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue affects us all differently. Some people become paralyzed, overthinking each choice to the point that they never actually take action. Others become frustrated and easily angered ㄧ never a good frame of mind for business. And a few people start relying purely on impulse, taking a short-term solution that makes today easier but may have serious consequences in the long term.

Start Delegating

You only have so much decision-making power, don’t waste it on choices that anyone could make. Instead, save your expertise for when it really matters. CEOs who delegate not only beat the odds and build successful businesses, they’re 33% more profitable than those who try to go it alone.

Whether you hire someone full-time or stick to contract workers. The key to successful delegation is developing procedures that work without your daily input. Creating workflows for repeat tasks, organizing the office, and even writing form emails can help empower your workers.

To learn more about how delegation can help your business, read this infographic:

Infographic Image Source: ScaleTime