From Google’s unrelenting focus on content quality to the shift in today’s buying process, the digital marketing landscape is changing fast. It can be hard for a marketer to keep up, but the only other option is to get left behind. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on trends and watch how they develop over time.

Some of these trends start to paint a bigger picture, turning into broader themes that reveal insights about the future of marketing.

As we move forward to 2016, here are a few of the themes marketers should keep in mind.

Building trust is a priority for both B2C and B2B marketers

Trust is becoming more and more valued among both consumers and B2B buyers, paving the way for advocate marketing and user-generated content as effective tactics. Channeling the voice of existing loyal customers is becoming a new way for brands to earn the trust of new customers.

Paid distribution is fast becoming a necessity

The effectiveness of organic distribution on social media is on the decline, forcing marketers to invest in paid methods to find a significant audience for their content. Pay-to-play is becoming the norm.

MAPs need to be better integrated

Marketing automation is still gaining in popularity, but a new problem has presented itself: how can marketers properly integrate these platforms and reduce the overlap in their workflows.

Visual & Interactive content are becoming popular preferences

The internet is growing into a noisier place, but also a more visual one as more vibrant and interactive content formats become increasingly popular and easier to create with tools like SnapAppQzzr and Canva.

To paint a better picture, here’s a roadmap (in the form of an infographic) to guide you through some of the marketing trends that will continue to develop over the course of 2015.

An infographic roadmap of marketing trends for 2015.

This infographic was originally created  for the Uberflip blog.