A decade is a long time. Lots can change over the course of 10 years. Especially when it comes to the world of digital marketing.

Platforms and technology that we couldn’t even dream of in 2010 are common place in 2019, and it’s mind boggling to think about exactly how much has changed.

Luckily you don’t have to think too hard because Venngage have pulled together an infographic outlining all of the marketing trends of the 2010s, with a pop culture twist.

One thing that is notable over the decade in digital marketing is how quickly social media has risen to the front and center of most marketing plans. In 2010 Instagram launched, with Snapchat launching a year later, but today it’s impossible to think of any marketing campaign where the Insta visuals aren’t one of the big considerations.

A move away from views and towards engagement is also prominent over the decade. Especially prompted by Google Algorithm updates that enable searches to become smarter. This is no doubt a trend we’ll stop seeing, as in late 2019 Google announced another update named BERT. BERT is interesting because it aims to add context to rankings and search terms, thus changing the SEO game once again.

And speaking of SEO, can you even remember a time before Domain Authority? Domain Authority is an integral part to all SEO strategies and honestly – kind of a game changer. But this wasn’t always the case. In fact, there was a time where Google would just rank results by ‘most relevant’ rather than ‘most relevant AND authoritative’.

Two other huge trends from the last decade that are so intrinsic in marketing now that unless I’d double checked, I would have doubted: content marketing and influencer marketing.

Content marketing has always existed in one form or another, as people have been producing content since the dawn of advertising. But usually the content was produced with a different end goal. Photoshoots were held for adverts. Articles were written for PR. But as more people moved online, marketers quickly learnt that content could be a valuable way to bring people to their website. People aren’t searching for your company if they don’t know it exists. But they probably are searching for information about your area of expertise. If you write an article that answers their questions you’ve suddenly got one more person who knows about your company. Rinse and repeat a couple of hundred times and you’ve got yourself a content marketing strategy.

I think it’s very similar with influencers. Previously the tabloids told us who was relevant, mostly based on actors, musicians, and children of famous people. But with the rise of Instagram anybody could find themselves quickly becoming famous. By posting good and consistent content, you could find yourself on the Instagram ‘explore’ page and suddenly have your life and your work shown to hundreds of millions of people. Exactly like Content Marketing. It only makes sense that companies would begin to notice this, and find a way to use Influencers to market their products.

Check out the infographic below for a full run down of the Marketing Trends of the 2010s: