Unlike in the past when consumers used to browse the internet from the PC only, these days the average consumers switches from device to device on a daily basis. This is what is known as cross-device consumption. According to Marketing Land, the typical consumer now owns 3.6 internet-connected devices.

Cross Device Marketing Statistics and Trends

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Therefore, marketers have to find ways to keep pace with customers. Although doing so isn’t easy, it is the only way to engage the customer throughout the customer journey. As consumers engage brands using cross-devices, they create fragmented identities within each platform. That is why some marketers end up lacking a connected view of their customers.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself include: is your customer’s journey with your brand on multiple devices a smooth journey? Is their experience the same whether they engage your brand via desktop, tablet, smartphone or offline? Do you know your customers and how they normally interact with your brand across multiple devices?

In other words, online purchases occur whenever it is most convenient for the customers. Perhaps this explains why online purchases have been on a steady rise and it is projected to hit 43% of retail purchase by the year 2020.

So what does this mean?

It simply means that if you do not take care of cross-device marketing then you might end up losing nearly 50% of your online traffic. It also means that you may not be able to accurately monitor your customer’s online behaviors.

Cross-device monitoring offers a more accurate picture of the customer journey by gaining insights into the online behaviors of your consumers. This helps marketers to understand their customers more deeply.

Cross-Device Tracking makes it easy to deliver the right messages to consumers

It is important for marketers to gain accurate insight into cross-device tendencies of consumers because one is able to know how consumers are interacting. Therefore, cross-device tracking will add granularity to your marketing spend analytics.

Cross-device tracking increases

Although 81% of markers claim they understand their customers, only 38% of consumers agree with this. According to PRNewsWire, 85% of customers expect personalized content from marketers. What this means is that only by engaging cross-device tracking will you be able to understand your customers. the good news is that 90% of digital marketers understand that cross-device identification is an important part of digital marketing because cross-device marketing increases conversions and brand engagement.