Why are consumers more likely to recommend certain products and services than others? And what factors are sure to prevent a referral?

Mention Me recently undertook some research in collaboration with OnePoll to survey 2000 consumers about the motivations behind brand advocacy.

Trust turns out to be the No.1 factor which motivates someone to tell a friend about a brand. Without trust in the product, why would consumer risk sharing a brand with their friends? In this era of “fake news” and falling faith in traditional media this is not at all surprising.

Conversely, there are 4 key factors which can be a disincentive for customers to recommend something to their circle of friends. They are:

  1. Poor quality product
  2. Bad customer service
  3. Item not as described
  4. Difficult returns process

And when it comes to a recommendation, who do we trust most? It turns out that more people trust their friends than their partners! And it won’t come as a shock to learn that politicians are the least trusted (with only 2% trusting them) followed closely by celebrities with just 3%.

Many companies find that incentivising their happy customers to refer their products and services is a great way to drive new customer acquisition. After all, their social networks are likely to be a great fit as they often share the same interests and demographics.

Research respondents were asked their preferred referral offer and the overwhelming winner was a % discount rather than a fixed discount amount or a gift. This is something that Mention Me regularly tests with their clients. Often, the results support these research findings, but it depends on many factors, such as average order value, demographics and sector. So, it makes sense for brands to test incentives to see what resonates with their customer base.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the attributes contributing to a referable brand.

Why some brands are more referable
Why are some brands more referable than others?

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