Arts marketing may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s absolutely essential to the success of your organization.

You put endless time and energy into your event. There’s nothing worse than having your only attendees be your weird Uncle Marty and a random passerby who mistook your event for the premiere of the new Star Wars movie.

How can you promote your arts event more effectively?

There isn’t some well-kept secret to getting a good turnout for your event. It just comes down to reaching the right people in the right way.

Think about how you can get the word out to your existing audience, as well as like-minded people who would enjoy the art that your organization provides.

For an art gallery founder, like Anthony Schaller, email marketing is the best way to preview exhibitions and pique interest.

Here’s an example of an email Anthony sent to announce his gallery’s new ceramics:


The difference between an unattended event and a packed house can be a single email.

Spark interest by sending an email with an attention-grabbing subject line that screams urgency. For example, “Special Event: Did you get your tickets?” suggests the event is unique and in high demand, and that your audience should feel lucky to attend.

Next, include the most important details of the event, without drowning your audience in a block of text. Keep it short, sweet, and irresistible. Accompany your message with a unique image related to the event or your organization.

Finally, add a call-to-action that makes it clear and easy for your audience to take the next step. A link to an RSVP page or your website where they can buy tickets are both powerful ways to lead readers from the email to the event, while letting you track projected attendee numbers in the process.

Still not sure what to include in your email to ensure a well-attended arts event?

Check out the infographic below!