In your search for the perfect E-Commerce platform you might have stumbled upon numerous results. One of those results must have been Magento, which is currently the most popular platform in the US. If you haven’t, go check out the brief summary of what Magento has to offer. If you have, still check it out. You might find some useful information you did not know before.

If you had research about Magento, many characteristics must have popped up. The characteristics of a content management systems are one of the most important factors. Magento E-Commerce platform is said to be scalable, upgradable, extendable, flexible and modular which is exactly why this platform is favored above others.

Magento features two basic editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise edition. The Magento Community Edition features two most favored characteristic of modern-day platforms, being free and open source. This edition cannot work on large scale websites with many products. It hasn’t got technical support either. On the other hand, Magento features community based support where other users can help you with your issues. It is great for learning, with the target audience being developers and merchants with a passion for tech.

Meanwhile the Enterprise edition features money and time saving, handling of large websites efficiently, the integration of backup systems into Magento, faster page loading which is enabled by full page caching and other tweaks for enhanced performance, like re-indexing. The license for Magento Enterprise edition costs low in comparison to others. You can choose between the Gold ($17.900/year) and Platinum ($21.480/year) Support.

The Magento E-Commerce platform has great performance, scalability, merchandising and insight. By using shopper analytics you can define custom dimensions and metrics for tracking. Support tools makes sure that any issues you encounter get solved quickly.

Magento definitely has amazing features and has rightfully earned its amazing reputation.

Magento Top New Features

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