You know that time-travelling sketch in SNL where Alec Baldwin and Kristin Wiig talk about time-machine as an element in making sure a dinner is ready at the exact time? That’s an example of creativity that propels whatever one does into happiness and success. That’s an example of how you can easily make sure your career goes in the right path. That’s an example of how happiness can make difference in your life and career.

You love to be one of the people who can be really open to your wishes to your bosses, one those who can interact with people who are contented with their lives. Who says you can’t be one of them? Who says you can’t be the guy who makes cartoons for a living and earn serious money and still doing the thing that you really love? That’s precisely the thing that everyone wants, right? So go get it. Go find the guts to consider the problems around you as just shackles that if unlocked, could get you to live the way you are meant to be: with contentment and with vivacity.

Everyone has problems, and everyone needs a help or two in handling them. If you’re problem is by getting happiness from your mundane work, then perhaps you’re going to get a good deal of help from this infographic.