It would be unfair to judge a person’s ability to do a job with how one looks, but sadly, looks do matter, and to land the right job you should know how to dress right. From wearing a well-tapered trousers to a casual finely fitted suit to not chewing gum during an interview, the tips you can have today about how you can better your looks are proof that you should not lose contact with your appearance when looking for the right job. You cannot risk losing your chance to landing the best job there is just because you don’t look good.

This infographic is your guide in understanding how you can better your chance of landing your dream job, your dream project or just dream position. You cannot lose your chance of getting the right position just because you forgot to make sure that your pants are crease-free and your tie reaches the belt buckle or your waist. Learn more about dressing right for the right job with this infographic.