Way back then, competing with much larger businesses is almost impossible to accomplish. But today, even the local flower shop or café joints has the power to compete for side by side with established brands, all thanks to Search Engine Optimization. With its capability to get your site at the top of the first page of search results, there is no doubt that SEO is the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring your brand closer to your target market.

And as we continue to live in the fast-paced mobile age, getting that sweet spot in SERPs is getting much tighter as businesses are starting to realize the power of mobile. Many of the consumers today prefer to search online for local establishments that can satisfy their needs immediately. In fact, the latest Google’s study showed that 50% of the of consumers who conducted local mobile searches leads to sales within one day – presenting an immense opportunity for local businesses.

A heap of traffic from doing regular SEO is useless if they cannot be moved into the sales funnel. That is why making your site optimized for local search is the best way to take advantage of this increasing mobile search market. Because it is more focused on providing results that are relevant on their current location, the chances of taking direct action or purchase are also high.

Given its power to dominate local search rankings in no time, local SEO is definitely the face of SEO that is getting a lot of attention in many industries today. In this infographic from CJG Digital Marketing, let us discover the basic realities about local SEO. From its definition to latest statistics and actionable tips, this guide will convince you why local SEO matters and why you should make it a priority in your SEO strategy today.