What does it mean to have VIP status? Is it really like the movies; all glowy drinks and beautiful people? This infographic from vipbidding.com breaks it down.

As a VIP, there are certain services that you should expect; services that lowly general admission-ers can only dream about. Your own booth, table or skybox (depending on the venue), skip the lines, bottle service, and the chance to see celebrities.

Now at what point does being a VIP become economically efficient? Let’s check the break even point of the most expensive part of the night: drinks. A 750 ML bottle of alcohol adds up to 25 shots, costing an average of $240. There’s $7 for an average mixed drink and $10.50 for a premium cocktail. Now lets take a situation where there is a group of five who really like their premium drinks, and on average, every person would have about 5 drinks. If they bought those straight from the bar bill that would add up to $262.50 while if they got the bottle service it would be just $240.

Check out this infographic for more on how you can live the high life as a VIP and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!