If you’re an SEO company or a digital marketing agency that performs SEO services then I hope you’re not still using the term “Link Building”. It’s an outdated phrase in the SEO world that leads to unethical SEO tactics, penalized sites, low results, and unhappy clients. The phrase implies that you or your team trolls the web to find links. As you probably know, this is a horrible SEO strategy. In fact, it’s hardly an SEO strategy at all. It’s time to sit your team down and ban the term “link building” all together. Then, introduce your team to “link earning.”

Link earning was a term introduced a few years back by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. The meaning behind these two words is monuments to SEO service providers. It tells us to perform SEO in an more ethical way. It challenges us to earn links by creating such awesome content that people want to link to it and share it in social media.

Meet Link Earning Ernie and Link Building Bill below. See how Link Earning Ernie performs SEO differently than Link Building Bill.

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