Love it or hate it, Flappy Bird is iconic. One of the fastest growing apps of all time despite its short life, it’s a regular modern legend. Created by a single man in Vietnam, to many Flappy Bird is an example of mankind’s cruelness. Incredibly addictive and hard to play, the game created a vicious cycle of frustration and annoyance; we wish we could quit, but we just can’t. Always coming back for more, players sealed their own fate and the only release was to vent with other users on Twitter. Twitter became the hub for frustrated players to express their rage and from that spawned several theories as to what was really going on with Flappy Bird. Some users speculated that the game had nothing to do with the user. The blatant lack of strategy needed to win was a big red flag, and players began to believe that success was only determined randomly by computer bots. Other’s took a darker turn with the idea that the whole game was just a PR stunt for a larger game studio.

After just a few months on the market and 50 million downloads later, the creator of the game announced suddenly through his Twitter that he would be removing Flappy Bird from app stores. The next day, Flappy Bird was no more and players began to pick up the pieces of their broken lives in an effort to prepare the damage done by Flappy Bird.

What was your experience with Flappy Bird, or is it still too soon? Check out the infographic for more information.