Since 2010 the global internet has grown more than 60% and there are more mobile devices than there are people on the plant. Millions of megabytes of data are generated every minute in the United States, 18 million megabytes are generated by mobile devices alone.

There are 3.4 billion internet users in the world and these users are generating millions and millions of data across multiple platforms. Data includes videos, messages, emails, photos, emails, etc.

Domo, a company that provides an operating system for businesses to run on an open, self-service platform, has been tracking these data statistics for four years now and just four years ago there were only 2.1 billion internet users.

Domo’s first ever Data Never Sleeps blog stated, “With no signs of slowing, the data keeps growing. Th.” They were spot-on with this prediction.

Just 4 years ago Twitter users sent over 100,000 Tweets per minute, in 2016 they now send 347,222 Tweets per minute.

In 2012 Google averaged around 2,000,000 search queries a minute or 33,000 queries per second, in 2016 that number has increased to 2.3 million, which equates to 2.3 million searches per second.

2,000,000 million blogs are uploaded each day compared to around 500,000 just 4 years ago and more than 21.4 billion blogs are viewed each month.

Life is definitely moving faster these days.

Additionally, in 2016:

  • The Weather Channel receives 13,888,889 forecast requests every minute (60 seconds!)
  • Siri answers 99,206 requests per minute.
  • 4,310 people visit Amazon and the site makes $222,283 sales per minute.
  • Apple users are downloading around 51,000 apps per minute.
  • Pinterest users pin around 9,722 images per minute.
  • Giphy serves up 569,217 gifs per minute.

In the words of Ferris Bueller, who, by the way, did not have the internet, smartphone, Netflix or Google, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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