It’s never too late to do good work. Whether you’re feeling behind the eight ball with no strategy for holiday marketing with Instagram or whether you just want to turn your marketing plan up a notch… this is the blog post for you! Just a few more shopping days remain before Christmas, and consumers are looking to Instagram as they shop. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your brand’s story here.

A new infographic based on Curalate’s Instagram data, helps point brands the right way for maximizing an Instagram strategy over the next few days. Here are the 17 most valuable tips we see in this infographic. If you can do just a few things, do these things…

Holiday Marketing With Instagram
First and foremost, you have to know the traffic-drivers. There are some basic facts about what works (i.e. “drives action”) and what doesn’t on Instagram. According to Curalate:

  • 77% of successful images are LIGHT while just 20% of successful images are DARK
  • 63% of successful images are INDOORS; 26% are OUTDOORS
  • 59% of successful images contain PEOPLE; 38% have NO PEOPLE

Also, Curalate reminds us through their study that Instagram is not a “right hook” platform, to borrow from Gary Vaynerchuk. Only 1 in every 5 images features a product laydown. Another 1 in every 5 images includes a text overlay.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing… Fashion & Apparel

  • It’s in the details: 30% of images feature accessories like shoes, jewelry or winter-wear.
  • In 25% of fashion images, black or dark gray is a dominant color.
  • 78% of all boots are ankle height.
  • 100% of watches have a black or dark face.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing… Cosmetics & Beauty

  • 74% of beauty images were of products, not people.
  • 42% of cosmetics are pictured as product laydowns.
  • 25% of all beauty images are of makeup brushes.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing… Home Decor & Improvement

  • Almost every image (94%) excludes people.
  • 45% of images in home and design are neutral hued – think warm fall colors.
  • In 49% of images, wood is a common element.

How to Use Instagram for Marketing… Publishing

  • 30% of images from publishers feature seasonal recipes.
  • Comfort foods and flavors are trending! (Think: soup, cinnamon, pumpkin, pies and yes – pumpkin pies.)

How to Use Instagram for Marketing… CPG

  • 46% of CPG images include text as a graphic overlay.
  • 61% include an explicit offer or incentive, either in the caption or on the image itself.

Check out the infographic below for tips on holiday marketing with Instagram. Also, be sure to check out our recent post about holiday marketing on social here.