As we saw in our Q1 social login data, Facebook has steadily made gains to solidify its lead as the number one identity provider on the web, particularly outside of the U.S. Facebook’s climb in popularity continued as the network made critical changes to Facebook Login to give users more control over their data. While the changes are still in the early phases of rollout (Anonymous Login, for example, remains in closed beta), Facebook’s renewed approach towards privacy may be having a positive impact on consumers’ perception of the social network and on Facebook Login in particular.

And while Facebook has made incremental gains, Google+ has stood relatively steady for several quarters and maintained its stance as the second most popular identity provider. Yahoo, meanwhile, continued losing share-of-logins, approaching the single digits (11%) in login percentage. Earlier this year, Yahoo disabled Facebook and Google+ login on many major Yahoo properties, signaling that while the company has greatly declined as a third-party identity provider, it is at least trying to own consumer identity on its “home base.”

Check out the Gigya’s Q2 Social Login infographic below, along with more detailed analysis.