Examining the Five Fingers of SEO

SEO Keywords Word CloudSEO. We see this acronym everywhere. Three simple letters that should be as easy to decipher as “ABC”. Yet, the elements that comprise Search Engine Optimization range from the basic principles like page title to the more complicated nuances like canonicalization.

With constantly changing algorithms impacting the factors of search result performance, it can be challenging for the SEO novice to feel like he can compete in the race to the top of Page 1.

While having an understanding of the complexities of SEO will help your website outperform your competition’s site, you don’t have to be an expert on every term in the SEO dictionary in order for your site to be successful.

Start with Keyword Research

A successful SEO strategy starts with keywords. Conducting keyword research to understand what your customers are searching for will help you align your site to match their search queries. This will help boost your rankings as well.

Once you have your list of preferred keywords, you have to know where to put them on the page. There are a few basic practices you can implement that will greatly help optimize your site for search engines with requiring a Ph.D in SEO.

Where to Place Your Keywords

If you can count to five, you can easily optimize your web page for search engines. Your keywords should go in the following five places on your page:

  1. Page Title
  2. URL
  3. H1 Tag
  4. Image File Name
  5. Alt Text

Once you incorporate your keywords into these five areas, you are likely to see increased rankings on search engine results pages.

Check out our infographic below for additional details on the Five Fingers of SEO:

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