The purpose of content marketing is to provide something of value to your potential customers, thereby developing a relationship with them. So what do you do when all of your potential customers are filling every waking moment with Pokemon Go? You make an infographic about all the strategy tips they need to know to play the best they possibly can!

Unless you’re living under a rock you know you “gotta catch em all,” though you actually don’t have space to store every single Pokemon you come in contact with. And what it boils down to is that you only need one of each kind with a few exceptions. High level Pokemon that can be used to battle in gyms are the main exception to this rule.

If all of this sounds like gibberish to you, it doesn’t really matter- marketing is about connecting with your customers on a level they understand in a medium that they are totally comfortable with. This particular infographic was made for a self storage company. What does self storage have to do with Pokemon Go? You need a certain amount of storage space to be able to play Pokemon Go effectively, and the limits aren’t always apparent. Having an infographic that lays out all the limitations of the game is a valuable tool. And providing your customer base with a valuable tool that has entertainment value helps not only build relationships with that customer base, but it also helps keep your company or brand front-of-mind.

Has your company ever spotted a popular trend and found a way to jump on board? What were your results? Self Storage Finders was able to turn a boring product- storage units- into a conversation about Pokemon Go strategy in a way that made sense in the context of their business model. That’s not always easy to do!


Infographic originally appeared on Self Storage Finders