Job hunting in the digital age requires more than just a focus on resumes. Today there are many tools to help you stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind these tools can work against you if not used properly. In the same way, employers are taking advantage of the plethora of information online to pre-screen applicants before you have a chance to present your case. Make sure that your digital persona doesn’t present the wrong image to potential employers.

While conducting your job search, take advantage of networking sites that can give you a strategic advantage. Recruiters are using LinkedIn in a major way, but few applicants have a complete and active profile. Upload a professional profile image and update your skills and educational background information. A few minutes of your time can have lasting rewards.

Video applications are separating job seekers from the pack. The infographic has great tips to help you create a professional and polish video that will sell your skills. As with any approach, practice makes perfect and you’ll want to work with a skilled editor to create the best version. By taking a proactive approach to creating the best online persona, you’ll stand out and attract the right attention from prospective employers.

The Job Hunting In the Digital Age infographic highlights exactly how to and not to use your online personal to enhance your digital reputation. Gone are the days when a polished resume was the tool of choice to get your foot in the door. In today’s job market, employers are screening professional networking sites like LinkedIn. They are also searching for your name on social networking sites in order to develop a well-rounded picture of potential employees. Hiring decisions are crucial for the success of their business and employers want to use all data available to make the right choice. Make sure your social online personality doesn’t betray you in a job search.

Job Hunting in the Digital Age