Cloudsourcing - outsorcing to the cloud
The advance of cloud computing has significantly simplified the life of modern start-ups by offering all the necessary technical resources without wasting time on maintenance. This model is indeed effective.

But is it possible to create an equally effective business model to offer professional “cloud” development team’s services?

Having analyzed the most common problems faced by business owners engaging offshore service providers to tackle their web development projects, QuartSoft Corp., a technological partner for many start-ups with an office headquarter in Silicon Valley highlights a few major complaints:

  • The language barrier and time difference;
  • Intellectual property insecurity;
  • Poor management and control of remote teams.

All too often these issues present the daunting obstacles between online venture owners and offshore development teams, thus preventing the entire outsourcing concept from being regarded as an effective way to scale up the production team and to reduce development costs.

QuartSoft advocates the new business model of the “cloud” outsourcing which suggests a very tight integration of the offshore team with the employer’s staff to enable quick responses to changes, rapid scaling up and downsizing of the team in accordance with the current needs as well as engaging additional resources at short notice.

This model can effectively smooth the sharp edges of the traditional outsourcing concept.

Dedicated Product Manager

Unlike traditional outsourcing the cloud outsourcing approach suggests appointment of an English-speaking dedicated Product Manager in the service provider’s team to closely work with a customer. For example, QuartSoft has a savvy product management team located in Silicon Valley which makes it possible for both parties to meet each other in person without time difference inconveniences and without language barriers.

Intellectual Property Security

A traditional outsourcing model may constitute serious risks for customer’s intellectual property and trade secrets. The major offshore service providers have already established their official branches in the USA to fulfill contracts governed by US legislation, including copyright laws.

A Versatile and Solid Team

The “cloud” outsourcing model gives employers a long leeway to freely form a dedicated team by choosing necessary experts from the contractor’s big staff. Therefore the employer selects only the right skills and only in times when they are necessary with a possibility of cancellation or team member(s) replacement at any time. There are also benefits of a long-term cooperation and life-time support that employers can enjoy when working with a solid “cloud team”.

Flexible Team Scaling

With the traditional outsourcing model, employers have to book specific resources in advance. It may lead to difficulties with hiring additional help if such necessity arises. The “cloud” outsourcing provides flexibility in operations by scaling up the development team in times of need and downsizing the team during times of lesser requirement.

Continuous Product Scaling

Rapid and efficient product scaling due to the quick access to the entire range of professional services all the way from logo and corporate identity design to sophisticated full-featured online business platforms and custom web/mobile applications provided by the same company’s employees working under one roof for many years.

No Hidden Costs

Month-to-month payment on an hourly rate basis. Customers pay only for the actual amount of work done.

Unlike others, the “cloud” outsourcing business model is based on openness, trust and honesty in relationships with a customer. It gives customers the opportunity to really enjoy the quality of services they get.

And how do you outsource your projects?