Billionaire Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur who was born and raised in South Africa. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a second bachelor’s degree in Physics. He is  co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal and founded his third company, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), in June 2002. SpaceX develops and manufactures space launch vehicles with a focus on advancing the state of rocket technology. SpaceX was awarded a $1.6 billion NASA contract in 2008 for 12 flights of their Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station, replacing the Space Shuttle after it retired in 2011. SpaceX has designed Falcon 9/Dragon with astronaut transport in mind and the Augustine commission has recommended that astronaut transport be handled by commercial companies like SpaceX.

American billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark is a fictional character created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. Through his corporation ― Stark Industries ― Stark has created many military weapons and while in Afghanistan demonstrating a new missile, he is captured and wounded. His captors want him to assemble a missile for them but instead he creates an armored suit and a means to prevent his death from the shrapnel left in his chest by the attack. He escapes using the suit and decides to protect the world from villains, joining the superhero team the Avengers and becoming known as Iron Man.

Whilst one is a larger-than-life person and the other a fictional character, both men have a lot in common. Iron Man first appeared in 1963 and Musk was born 8 years later. Apart from similar physical characterisitics, both followed the same profession as their fathers, are billionaires and engineers holding 2 degrees and both are fascinated by transport and space exploration. It is easy to see why many people believe Elon Musk is a real-life Tony Stark.