Since the first iPads hit shelf in 2010, loyal users have flocked back each time Apple released a new version. Demand for the product has led to Apple consistently upgrading the iPad each year, offering new features and functionality each time. The newest release of the iPad Pro earlier this month echoes that trend, focusing on making work easier for busy business professionals.

Apple has come a long way since the first generation iPad. As its fastest-selling product, the iPad’s design originally appealed to early adopters because they no longer needed to carry multiple gadgets — the iPad could do everything they needed and more. Since then, the iPad has gone through some major updates including better screen resolution and a camera addition that included a front-facing view in the iPad 3, making it the go-to choice for most travelers. During that same time, Apple released the iPad Mini. The new design attracted parents with young children and allowed for easier transport.

Advertising the most intuitive, advanced and secure mobile operating system yet, the iPad Pro has capabilities to help people be more productive and creative. With features such as multitasking, high-fidelity speakers on every side, a 12.9-inch screen with the highest resolution Retina display of any iOS device and Touch ID technology, Apple promises to make everything users do easier, faster and more engaging.

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By checking out the infographic we’ve put together below, you can find which iPad user you identify with, whether you’re an early adopter, a traveler, family-oriented or a mobile professional, and decide which iPad works best for your needs.

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