How are you going to achieve your 2014 marketing goals?

This new infographic by WebDAM Solutions takes an in-depth look at the latest social media trends, providing B2B leaders with new ideas for boosting the success rate of future marketing campaigns.

For example, why don’t you consider including social sharing buttons in your email campaigns? According to the infographic, this action alone is calculated to boost your click-through rates by approximately 158%.

Below are some of the trends and stats WebDAM has noted:

Noteworthy Stats And Marketing Tips To Implement

  • Include images in your press releases. According to the infographic, 73% of reporters want to see images in the press releases they receive.
  • Make plans to increase your social media budget. In the next five years, predictions state that companies will double their social media budgets.
  • Do not ignore event marketing. As reported by WebDAM, 67% of content marketers believe event marketing is still successful.

All About Your Digital Audience

  • Conversion rates are boosted by 86% when landing pages have videos.
  • 65% of individuals within the digital audience learn through visuals.
  • 52% of marketers claim they gained a new customer last year via Facebook.
  • Content marketing is 89% effective when customer testimonials are included.

Revealed: This Year’s Marketing Predictions

  • By the time we reach the year 2015, 25% of the advertising market will be made up of internet ads.
  • A total of $135 billion will be allocated to innovative digital marketing collateral by the end of 2014.
  • Will custom content be king? CMOs are currently referring to custom content as the “future of marketing.”

Click on the image to view the full infographic. Do you agree or disagree with WebDAM’s marketing predictions? Share your answer in the comment box below.