As a B2B marketer, we are always searching for ways to publish good, valuable content. After investing significant time and resources into developing your content, do you also repurpose it in your campaigns?

Marketing Qi created an infographic that acts as a valuable roadmap to repurposing content based on five steps: write, blog, distribute through social media channels, repurpose the message, then simply repeat. The following are some key points Marketing Qi emphasized in their infographic titled, “Content Repurposing: Your Ultimate Online Influence Strategy”:

5 Steps For Repurposing Content

  1. Write: make sure what you have written is original, concise and compelling; then spread the message by publishing it.
  1. Blog: this piece of compelling content should be featured on a blog post, which should act as your strategy’s core; every time you share this content, traffic should be directed to your company’s blog.
  1. Distribute through social media channels: to draw in your audience, share this particular blog post via social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  1. Repurpose the message: this is your opportunity to transform your original content into a new podcast, YouTube video, etc.
  1. Repeat: Start the process again from step 1; the benefit of practicing this 5-step process is the way you can simply delegate steps 2 to 5 to your marketing team once your original content is settled.

What is your advice for successfully repurposing content? After you view the infographic, please share your answer in the comment box below.