Drones are often viewed as toys or as not having much use other than as a hobby. But this is no longer the case and drones are now being used in a wide number of industries. Drones can provide a unique angle and offer a service that wasn’t available before. They can be used to gain access to hard to reach places, are extremely mobile and are also capable of capturing images and video. This provides a whole range of possibilities that include delivery and surveying. We take a look at some of the clever and innovative ways that drones are being used in today’s society.

Practical Drone Uses

Drones are currently being used for a number of practical purposes that can actually improve the way that we work and help us to achieve our goals. Drones aren’t just used as a hobby and they can actually enhance our capabilities with a range of practical uses. There are a number of industries that are currently using drones to improve their services, including in public services such as the police or for search and rescue. Practical drone uses include;

  • Emergency services and disaster recovery
  • Crime scene investigation and criminal surveillance
  • Flood and fire detection
  • Environmental impact and hazard assessment

Commercial Drone Use

There are also plenty of commercial uses for drones too and they have even brought about a new industry and form of business. There are now drone companies that offer photography and filming services amongst many other uses. They have also proved useful in places like building sites for surveying purposes and taking an aerial view of the site. Even large organisations such as Amazon have made use of drones and are planning to introduce a drone delivery service in the near future. Some examples of commercial drone use include;

  • Aerial filming and photography
  • Inspection and surveying
  • Pick-up and delivery services
  • Surveillance of sites

Media Drone Use

Drones are also being used by the media in a number of different ways to expand their exposure and make it easier to capture images. Drones increase the area and space that can be reached and covered. This means that news stations never have to miss a beat and can cover stories that they might not have been able to previously. This expands the possibilities of investigative journalism and provides a new perspective on videos. Drones are also used in marketing and advertising, for this reason, to provide some great video and images to help their advertising stand out. They are used for a number of media purposes including;

  • Art and design
  • Advertising and marketing purposes
  • Entertainment industry, TV and Film
  • News and photography

Recreational Drone Use

Drones are, of course, still being used for recreational purposes in a number of different ways. Many people still build their own drones and fly them as a hobby. Others use them for personal recreation to capture images or videos of their local area. They are also used for remote control flying in the same way that model planes or helicopters would be used. Drone racing is also becoming increasingly popular and often takes place on a large scale. There are drone racing leagues and competitions that take part in stadiums and other large arenas. Just a few of the recreational uses include;

  • Exploration
  • Group activities and events
  • Personal photography
  • Remote control flying and racing
Drone Infographic
Innovative and practical ways that drones are being used in the industry.

Source: https://thedrone.co/innovative-drone-uses/