The United States has long been thought to be a leader in innovation, with America having set the global standard over the past century for computer technology, new pharmaceutical products, and more. So how realistic is this idea? This infographic, based on the results of a 2013 survey, doesn’t paint the most favorable picture.

As the infographic notes, America is no longer ranked as the most innovative country in the world. According to the 2013 Global Innovation Index (GII), America ranks 5th.While this placed America in front of other top-ranked countries Ireland (10th), Denmark (9th), Singapore (8th), Hong Kong (7th) and Finland (6th), the US finished behind the Netherlands (4th), United Kingdom (3rd), Sweden (2nd) and Switzerland (1st).

Were the study based on sheer volume of innovation, America might fare better. The 2013 GII based its rankings for innovaiton on a horizontal vision that could apply to countries large and small, established and developing.

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