B2B eCommerce has had an undeniable impact on manufacturing and distribution.

63% of manufacturers and distributors responding to the 2016 Manufacturing & Distribution Sales and Technology Report survey stated that B2B eCommerce is a priority for their business, and of those who had implemented eCommerce solutions, 79% said that it was a response to customer demand.

The stated strategic importance of B2B eCommerce for both suppliers and their buyers is fueled by strong results. Changes in how orders are placed has increased both order frequency and order value. There has also been strong adoption in mobile commerce in manufacturing and distribution, not surprising given the explosive growth in mobile technology across the board.


The Value of Convenience

Respondents noticed that the ease of ordering online has lead to tangible results: 50% saw an increase in product discovery, 34% saw an increase in average order value, and 45% saw more frequent orders. By offering an online sales experience, manufacturers and distributors give customers the ability to browse their products at their own convenience.

The Mobile Commerce Opportunity

Mobile commerce is the next step in providing a convenient way for customers to order products online. A majority of respondents—63%—said that their customers can place orders from a mobile device.

Of those 63%, though, only 17% offer customers a native mobile app for ordering. Manufacturers and distributors who can offer an intuitive, easy-to-use native mobile app for their customers have the opportunity to stand out. B2B mobile ordering is becoming more commonplace, and in response, customers expect clean interfaces that make placing orders enjoyable.

As B2B eCommerce adoption evolves, manufacturers and distributors need to stay ahead of the curve in order to gain and maintain customers in a competitive sales landscape. Companies that have adopted technology that make ordering easier will continue to lead the industry.

This blog post and infographic feature just a few B2B eCommerce findings from our recently published 2016 Manufacturing & Distribution Sales and Technology Survey Report.