Are you looking for ways to increase your YouTube engagement? What if I told you, you can increase your YouTube traffic by a whopping 374%? But before I dwell any further on that, a small recap on the earlier infographic where I discussed the importance of incorporating videos in your social strategy. By making YouTube a part of that social strategy could, really accelerate your growth.

YouTube is the third most popular site in the world and the second most popular search engine after Google. If you are still not convinced to incorporate this platform in your social media strategy, then take a look at the 2014 stats, figures and numbers which Harsh shared earlier. The Infographic below explains how you can maximize your traffic and engagement. It even draws light on how you can generate more traffic and sales, by highlighting the best practices.

Breakdown of How to Increase Your Engagement By 374%

  • Videos that have a thumbnail get 154% more clicks by women.
  • Emails that embed a YouTube Video get 96% higher call-to-action, and it even leads to conversion by 51%.
  • Longer videos tend gain more engagement by 40%, so you don’t need to worry about snipping out the creative’s while editing.
  • Real people create a stronger impact on your audiences compared to celebrities by 12%, and it even leads to them visiting your Facebook page. Same is the case for humorous content; it drives more traffic by 2% to your Facebook page.
  • The click-through rate is higher on Mobile Phones v/s Desktop by 8%, it is extremely important to make sure your content is viewable on all devices.
  • The most popular day for engaging with video on YouTube is Tuesday. The most active engagement takes place at 11a.m. EST v/s 1a.m EST, thus lunchtime is streaming time!
  • 4% click-through rate is more for videos 15 seconds or less, v/s 31-60 seconds. Looks like snackable information is the need of the hour.
  • In terms of preference of advertisements, audiences prefer Opt-in videos, followed by pre-rolled video ads and lastly pre-roll interactive video ads; to receive higher call-to-action.


Here are some YouTube Best Practices that you should keep in mind too:

  • Make sure to add metadata to your uploads, like – headlines, tags etc. to be found by search engines.
  • As thumbnails garner maximum clicks of 154%, it is important to select attractive ones which grip your audiences.
  • Add annotations on your videos, it really gets your viewers attention.
  • Being consistent is the key to be successful on any social network, thus religiously share content on your YouTube channel.
  • Strategically share content – before a holiday, cause day or some big event to increase engagement.
  • Have appropriate length of videos as per your topic; if it’s a FAQ or instructional video make sure its 4-5 minutes than cramming in all information in 30 seconds.
  • This the golden rule for each and every social network, talking to your viewers. That is the only sole way to increase engagement, answer their comments, and involve them in your discussion and so on.

Hopefully this infographic by Quicksprout has drawn some light on the subject of leveraging Videos, and mainly YouTube marketing efficiently.