Just how far has inbound marketing grown? Inbound marketing is a winning marketing strategy that has gained popularity over the years because it is far more effective and cost-effective than outbound marketing tactics.

How effective is inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing helps brands to become more magnetic without breaking the bank. In other words, the popularity of inbound marketing takes a more proactive, less intrusive approach to attracting leads.

Still doubting? Perhaps checking out these hard facts—statistics— by InvespCro, which will convince you to give inbound marketing more thought. inbound marketing costs 61% less than outbound marketing? You can save up to $14 per qualified lead if you take the inbound route. The average US company spends $36 per lead for inbound and $42 per lead for outbound. Globally, 41% of marketers say inbound marketing produces a positive ROI. In other words, marketers are beginning to appreciate the potency of inbound marketing; it is ability to attract, convert, close and delight customers.

It comes down to content marketing

Maintaining a blog is a crucial factor when it comes to inbound marketing. 82% of bloggers say they are convinced inbound marketing is superior to outbound. 79% of companies that have a blog report positive ROI for their inbound marketing. Please don’t forget to include video blogging, podcasts and webinars in your content strategy.

Your Take Home: Blog frequently. Marketers who blog daily report 82% chance of acquiring a customer compared to those who blog monthly who have only 57% chance of getting a customer. Your blog posts you should not only be informative and original, they should intrinsically guide your readers towards making a choice such as subscribing, buying a product or sharing on social media.

In addition, the more useful content you have, the better your chances are of snapping more leads. 80% of company decision makers prefer to get company information through published content (blogs, articles, social media posts) as opposed to paid advertisements. It is also important to note that businesses whose websites have 51-100 pages generate 47% more traffic than websites with less than 50 pages.

Bottom Line

Traditional outbound methods such as direct mail, banner ads and newspaper ads are still useful in some instances, but overall, inbound marketing tactics like social media marketing, online video, content marketing, SEO, email and blogging have become more popular.