With the average attention span now officially shorter than that of a goldfish; breaking through the noise and marketing to your intended target audience has never been harder.

There’s more competition than ever before, less time to communicate your message than before and more ways to spend your budget than before too.

So deciding where to spend your budget can be a high-pressure task. With a plethora of new and exciting marketing mediums like social media, PPC, and email marketing, it would be fair to say that, on the whole, the traditional marketing methods such as direct mail are easily forgotten; some might even say dead and gone…

But, the statistics do not lie. Direct mail is far from being a bygone marketing medium and actually appears, arguably due to the huge drop in its overall use, to be one of the more effective marketing methods available.

Found across a range of different marketing studies, the science is consistently in support of direct mail too. Just a snippet of a few different studies found:

– In eight out of nine sectors, a neuroscientific study found direct mail advertisements to be superior to those same adverts found online

– In a study by Pebble, personalised direct mail sent within 24 hours of a website visit saw a response rate of over 20%

33% of consumers say direct mail is the most effective way to get them to remember a product or service

74% of consumers report that they always notice advertising sent in their direct mail

70% of consumers are curious to find out what’s in their letter box

While the debate over whether direct mail campaigns have always been this effective, or if the rise in their success is simply due to the drop in overall use, will continue to go on; I think it’s clear to see that direct mail is far from dead. Better yet, it can play a fundamental part in many marketing and communication strategies.

If you’re convinced by the data and already considering your first direct mail campaign then have a look at the clever infographic below. Learn how to improve your direct mail in seven simple steps as it compares each stage of planning a direct mail campaign to winning the Game of Thrones.

improve direct mail