We all heard about IGTV (Instagram TV) – a long-form vertical and horizontal video channel accessible from Instagram.
These days, many brands create this type of video content to increase engagement and get more exposure.

And this is a good thing. You can add music, filters, GIFs to an IGTV. You can start a live session and after you end it, you can transform that video into an IGTV video. This is a great way to increase engagement in 2021.

But there are also regular video posts that can help you attract more eyes and engagement to your brand on Instagram.

In this case, what should we choose?

At Socialinsider, we decided to compare regular video posts and IGTS’s to show you the benefits of using each of these options.

We discovered some interesting insights, and if you are an IGTV fan, you must know this:

– IGTV brings higher view rates only for middle-sized accounts – and by middle-sized accounts, I mean 5K – 50K, followers.
– Across all kinds of accounts, regular videos bring higher engagement than IGTVs
– IGTV is the least used feature on Instagram

With regular posts in feed, IGTVs, Stories and Reels, Instagram gives you plenty of video options, each of them differently serving brands to meet their objectives.

What’s also worth mentioning is that you must test and see which variables work best for your accounts, as the length, for example.

Because there’s no secret receipt you should follow 100%, all there’s left to do is go out there and try.

Take this study as a guideline in creating and implementing your Instagram marketing strategy in 2021.

To make you better understand this study, we’ve created the infographic below.

For this study, we analyzed 10,563,463 Instagram posts, coming from different profile sizes, which form a total of 60737 accounts, divided into 5 major categories:

  • profiles under 5K followers: 29,147
  • profiles between 5K – 10K followers: 4,475
  • profiles between 10K – 50K followers: 11,759
  • profiles between 50K – 100K followers: 4,424
  • profiles with more than 100K followers: 10,932
IGTV vs. Regular video posts on Instagram - infographic
IGTV vs. Regular video posts on Instagram

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