There are lots of people out there who think that email is dead. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth, and believing in the myth of email’s death could be costing your business – BIG TIME. Would it surprise you to learn that businesses with email response rates of less than an hour are significantly more successful than even those who take two hours? Responding to email is a nonverbal cue that build trust with your clients, and if you’re dropping the ball chances are you’re losing a lot of business because of it.

Clients really want one thing: to feel heard and valued. Nothing works better to drive home these feelings than prompt replies when they reach out. The longer you leave them hanging, the longer they are left to wonder whether there’s a problem or they have made a mistake in doing business with you.

A whopping 90% of Americans use email, and that holds across generations with little variation between age groups. Even the youngest generation, which is often known for being a catalyst for major changes, still uses email for business and for personal reasons, indicating email is still alive and well and not going anywhere any time soon.

35% of all emails require a response and 23% require an immediate response, and 11% of clients expect a response within 15 minutes. One in three GenX and Baby Boomers expect a response within one hour. Companies that respond within one hour are seven times more successful than companies that take two hours and 60 times more successful than those that take 24 hours or more.

Email is far from dead and it’s time you give it the respect it deserves. Learn more about the importance of email response rates to your business’ success below.

Infographic Source: TimeToReply