If Cars Were Celebrities Infographic v3b

It’s impossible to drive a car for a while and ignore its perks, the kind of things that make it different from others who look exactly the same. That is what happens with people! Our car is our car and it’s always different from others. We cannot avoid creating a personality for our motorized companion, almost giving it a human side. So, it’s not that strange if we started to compare car models with some A-list celebrities.

Doesn’t the actor Vin Diesel from “Fast and Furious”, for instance, always making you remember a strong and powerful car like a Hummer? And isn’t the North-American socialite Kim Kardashian curvy and popular like the well-known and much sold Renault Megane?

When we really think about it, we have probably been doing this mix and match since the establishment of the car industry. Just imagine people in the beginning of the twentieth century going all “Oh my lord, isn’t that Ford Model T just innovative like our dear and enlightened Thomas Edison?”. We still make this kind of comparisons today, so we haven’t changed that much.

From our point of view, even the British princes William and Harry have the right to a four-wheeled counterpart. Could they be a Rolls Royce Phantom and an Alfa Romeo Giuletta or does the idea of an Aston Martin DB9 and an Audi TT sounds better for the royalty members?

You can even try to guess who’s who before checking our infographic “If Cars Were Celebrities”. Believe us, you are going to be surprised by our matches, but, in the end, they will make a lot of sense. Discover which car is the match for celebrities like George Clooney, Justin Bieber, Madonna or Joey Essex, among so many others. Check out the similarities between these two worlds full of two different kinds of stars.