Using technology is part and parcel of our everyday lives and as such, it is only understandable that these practices can shed light on some of our leisurely inclinations. A study made by event agency,, enlightens us on how exactly our technological usage translates to our recreational choices.

One such instance is how email use can reveal what kind of stag party activity a particular male is more likely to opt for. Men who use Yahoo email addresses predominantly go for strip club bookings while all other users for email hosts like Gmail, Hotmail and Sky prefer activities like nightclub hopping, dining out along with booking pub crawls.

Relatedly, the choice of what email host you use is also linked to the stag destination you’ll most likely choose. Those who traveled the farthest were typically Hotmail users who chose European locations instead of closer UK destinations. Yahoo email users, on the other hand, were found to have a general preference for strip club bookings while users for Gmail, Sky and others are more inclined to dining out and club hopping.

Even one’s browser of choice tells much about what kind of party package a male goes for. Safari users were actually found to favor the wet and wild kind compared to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome users who mostly prefer sports along with eating and drinking activities.

From this alone, there is plenty of data that can be gleaned which invariably makes tech usage statistics a significant part of any kind of business marketing. When you know the right tools then you will also know the right push to keep you abreast of today’s market practices.

What Technology Reveals about Stag Party Infographic