It is the duty of businesses to give back to the communities they serve, and that doesn’t only mean writing a check to the local charity. There are many ways that businesses can help the disadvantaged, and many businesses have initiatives to do just that. How can your business be a better steward of the community?

Start With Hiring Initiatives For People Of All Abilities

Under Federal Law, it is illegal to discriminate in hiring practices against disabled people or Veterans with PTSD. But companies can go a step further and look for ways to hire and support individuals from these groups – the unemployment rate for disabled people is about twice what it is for non-disabled people.

Microsoft is a good example of a company that is going out of their way to hire from a talent pool that is not typically protected under Federal Law. Autism affects 3.5 million people in the United States, and often these people are not recognized as falling under a protected category, which can be a challenge for job seekers. Microsoft, however, is going out of its way to create a different hiring process for people with autism spectrum disorders as well as training and mentorship once they get the job.

Giving Back To The Community Can Only Help Your Company

Many companies have initiatives to give community service days, matching charitable donations, and even corporate sponsorships. Still other companies work to prevent an entire generation from backsliding into poverty through programs that offer tuition reimbursement, free college classes, and student loan assistance. Companies like WalMart and Kroger partner with Feeding America to ensure there aren’t people going without food throughout the nation.

No matter how big or small, your business can and should help others in the community. Learn more about how corporations can help people from this infographic.

Infographic Source: Best Social Work Programs