Video has always been an extremely engaging part of the Facebook experience, and one of the best content formats for marketing your businesses, especially these days.

With video marketing quickly becoming one of the most powerful techniques of delivering your brand message to new and existing audiences, it’s difficult to ignore how useful this type of content in your marketing strategy can be.

There’s no secret formula for success when it comes to video content, and that’s why you can create videos without seeing the results. Some videos will perform better than others; all you have to do is analyze those videos and create more valuable content for your audience.

But have you ever wondered how long your Facebook videos should be or if there’s an optimal video length for better engagement?

At Socialinsider, we analyzed 10,596,877 video posts to discover how brands are creating their Facebook video strategy in 2020.

Here are the most important key findings:

  • Vertical videos have a better grip on engagement. They can raise engagement rates from 0.18% to 0.39%.
  • Video marketing appears regularly on the rise, steadily increasing since 2014, and making up for over 15% of all Facebook content in 2020.
  • Engaging people’s attention for an extended period can be hard. Still, this study shows that a video post of about 2 to 5 minutes stimulates the audience’s viewership.
  • A detailed description can double the feedback and interactions your content receives from your followers.

Whatever your social media marketing objectives are, video can help you reach them, and that’s why you should take advantage of this type of content.

Use video to promote your business and educate your customers. You can create webinars, how-to tutorials, interviews with clients, and more.

See this infographic by easel.y, and discover how brands are using Facebook video marketing to promote their business and drive conversations in 2020.

Tips on how brands should use Facebook video to promote their business.
Discover how brands are using Facebook video marketing to promote their business and drive conversations.

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