Content ranking is a crucial thing when it comes to google. So, to get the best out of it, then you need to optimize your content for better ranking against your competitors. After considering rankings on content, I am confident enough to say that content ranking is not only affected by the page title but also the page description assigned to the website. Page titles are the most abused on-page SEO factors as far as the online serving core is concerned.

However, taking into consideration, apart from URLs optimization and use of underscore or a hyphen on your URL, you can also achieve a correctly optimize website for google.

To do this, you need to get a twist on the way you can optimize your page title. For instance, when it comes to blogging, the title is what that matters the most if you create a unique and catchy title, boom! Your blog will be among the top-rated online. Similarly, when it comes to Google, having a great page title is one of the most strategic maneuvers in optimizing your website for google.

Nonetheless, for more optimization of your website, you need to incorporate your keyword inside your website page title. For more information, page title optimization is the first thing to consider when creating your website title as it gives your site a perfect look and more so helps your page title to appear in most search results on google front page.

However, page title optimization moves hand in hand with SEO optimization when it comes to website optimization and so, consider doing both at the same time to increase the visibility of your website to the world. Here is an infographic from Dot Com Infoway which highlights some helpful facts on how to correctly optimize your website through the optimization of page titles and content.

google search types infographic