Infographic How to measure your digital marketing efforts

Digital marketing.

You know you have to do it. In fact you relish the challenge. But how do you know if your efforts are working?

Turns out that’s a question countless agencies and start-ups are asking right now. With our new infographic, you needn’t be one of them.

Check out the full infographic below for expert advice on measuring your digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing has a powerful ability to boost your bottom line. But how do you track a new blog subscriber to the sharp end of your sales funnel? And what about Twitter and Facebook? Knowing how to link your social media activities to your P&L isn’t exactly plain sailing. A whopping 60 percent of social media marketers feel that measuring the ROI of social media is their biggest challenge.

So how do you move towards digital marketing campaigns that are smart, simple and accountable? The trick is to start with a clear goal, then identify and zero in on the metrics that lead you towards that goal. For example, your number of Twitter followers is largely insignificant if what you really want to do is drive more traffic to your blog from your email newsletter.

When you know what to measure, the clouds part. The penny drops and those fabulous light bulb moments arrive. It becomes easier to see what’s working. And when you know what’s working, you can double down on your efforts to move closer to your goals.

That’s what it’s all about — whether you want to sell more luxury scented candles in your online shop, grow the number of people subscribed to your design advice newsletter or drive more traffic to your artfully prepared blog content.

Step up your digital marketing measurement with our latest infographic.