A while ago, I wrote a post on the “7 Qualities Of Incredibly Viral Content” in which I outlined seven qualities that I noticed in content that goes viral.

This was before I happened to start reading a book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger and realized that he talked about much the same thing in his book. If you really want to get a handle on creating viral content, go read this book.

Every social media marketer and content creator wants to know the secret to creating viral content. But, aside from a few qualities mentioned in my article above and in Jonah’s book, there is no “secret” to creating viral content. The clues are all there, if you know where to look.

Besides, creating content is only part of the puzzle. It’s no use creating an awesome blog post or video if you don’t promote it and give it the exposure it needs, so it gets seen by the right people (read, influencers).

As the infographic from Crazy Egg below shows, content promotion is as important (if not more) than content creation. In fact, bloggers like Derek Halpern recommend that you spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% promoting it.

Some ways of promoting your content, as laid out in the infographic, are:

  • Sending it to your email list
  • Sharing it multiple times on social media (I also recommend using the Revive Old Post plugin)
  • Republishing it (I assume Neil means on other authoritative sites – I highly recommend Business2Community for syndicating your content)
  • Influencer outreach (a lot of people, including Brian Dean, recommend this highly)
  • Joining blog communities
  • Connecting with peer groups (I can vouch for the power of peer groups in boosting social shares)
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Figuring out the best places to get results
  • Paid ads and remarketing

You can see all the tips laid out in the beautiful infographic below.

Source: How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral (Infographic)