It’s that time of the year again to embrace your fears, dress up in your favorite costume, and possibly prepare to fight some zombies. To help you celebrate, Pardot has created a guide to help you fend off one of the most troublesome terrors for B2B marketers and sales reps: the difficult, or “Zombie,” lead.

Any expereinced B2B professional knows that not all leads are created equal, and eventually, you are bound to run into a zombie lead. These leads can drag their feet, moan constantly, and wander aimlessly. They will devour your time, resources, and if your not careful, your sanity!

But fear not! The guide we’ve created below can help you identify these zombie leads early, show you what to expect when you encounter one, and teach you how to cure them. We’ll also show you how to put up defenses to add an extra level of protection between you and any zombie leads that might be lurking. So put on your halloween costume and gear up to go fend off some zombie leads!