By now, you’re likely aware of the growing popularity of Instagram Stories, and its unique ability to reach customers where they already are. With the introduction of Shopping in Stories, it’s even easier for consumers to explore brands, find new products, and make purchases right on the platform. Essentially, shoppable Stories are streamlining the customer experience and making Instagram the go-to platform for personalized digital shopping. So, it’s no surprise that businesses are flocking to the platform. In fact, 96% of marketers using Instagram Story ads intend to continue in the next 6 months.

At Animoto, we wanted to know just how marketers are using Stories, what works on the format, and how your business can follow suit. In our research, we found that 70% of marketers post to Instagram Stories once a week or more. Furthermore, 74% of marketers post at least 2 videos on Instagram Stories a month; Likely, because video drives brand awareness, and allows shoppers to get an insider look into your product.

But it isn’t enough to post to Instagram Stories. On this rapidly-growing format, differentiating your social content is the key to standing out, and encouraging customers and prospectives to further explore your offering. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think.

For starters, stick to your brand’s font and colors to help viewers recognize your content, and foster familiarity with your product or service. As always, it’s important to tailor your content to the platform on which you post. Unlike Facebook and Instagram feed content, Stories content should be optimized for sound-on viewing. Since 70% of Stories are watched with the sound on, add music or voiceover to your Stories to help draw your audience in.

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below for insights, tips, and trends to help your brand succeed on Instagram Stories.