Americans have spent $5.9 Billion on damaged iPhones since 2007.
Accidental damage is ten times more likely than loss or theft. In 2009, 21% of iPhone failures were from accidental damage and 69% were owner-caused accidents.
It’s interesting to note that 10% of iPad’s are damaged within the first year and iPad 2’s break 3.5 times more than iPad 1’s. Around 30% of iPad devices will be accidentally damaged in the first three years.
Most common iPhone breakages include dropping ( 30% ) , falling in pool or toilet ( 18%), felling off lap ( 13%) , knocking off the table ( 11%) and spilling ( 9%) .
Most common iPad breakages include dropping ( 54%) , car-related accidents ( 11%) , Misuse by child ( 8% ) and felling of table ( 15% ) .
Common iPhone repairs include glass damage, water damage, home button malfunction and charging port problem. Whereas most common iPad repairs are volume button malfunction, glass damage and LCD damage.
Try to keep your Apple device safe as it only takes a little precaution.

Infographic by : Cupertino Phone Repair