The year 2013 will surely be remembered for having some incredible tech innovations. Take Chromecast, for example—it’s a form of magic employed by lazy people that costs only $35. Chromecast is a tiny dongle that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and wirelessly connects most devices. Since it works with most devices, you’d never have to look for that elusive remote again. Chromecast allows you to become one with your couch while you stream Internet, browse media and control playback.

You really want to send a message, but you just can’t look down. What do you do? You invest in the $1500 Google Glass. It’s an Android computer attached to your head that takes discrete pictures, gives directions, translates languages and further isolates you from others. In 2013, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One brought us next generation gaming, which focuses on user experience. From a man’s perspective, these consoles actually care—and, unlike women, are always turned on and ready to go. From a woman’s perspective, these consoles actually pose a threat to meaningful relationships.

Developed by Hapilabs, HAPIfork is a vibrating electronic fork that monitors users’ eating habits. It’ll vibrate if the user eats too quickly, thus building in an electronic form of self-control.

To learn more about all the hottest tech innovations of 2013, take a look at the infographic below! Also, share in the comments which one your favorite was!