There’s no better time to unleash the power of influencers than Halloween. This year, the spook-tacular holiday is projected to have another record-setting season – with expected spend to reach $9.1 billion, up from $8.4 billion in 2016.

This year, our team at Mavrck analyzed share of influencer-generated content (IGC) across leading brands that are running Halloween campaigns. We examined which brands had the greatest influencer SOV in the last year, also looked beyond the numbers to understand what some of the world’s top brands are doing to promote their products this October.

As you look through the infographic, an interesting place to start is comparing influencer approaches across these brands:

  • Walmart’s IGC features a wide variety of candy brands and other Halloween-themed goodies. This is reflective of Walmart’s product depth and commitment to its positioning as a “one-stop shop.”
  • Nestle’s Share-A-Scare influencer marketing campaign encourages children to create and submit their own artwork, aiming to make drinking water a fun and interactive experience for kids.
  • Chex Mix IGC is a mix of Instagram content and mommy blogs, featuring easy-to-follow Halloween-themed recipes to engage millennial moms with young children.
  • Hershey IGC pairs a limited-edition KitKat with a variety of Halloween-themed product recipes aimed to inspire demand and creativity for moms and children.
  • J.M. Smucker’s Halloween IGC features Pillsbury’s #MixUpAMoment campaign, which is aimed at bringing families together through baking.
  • Kellogg’s Halloween-themed IGC primarily pairs the Rice Krispies brand with Halloween-themed family-friendly recipes.

It’s clear that each of these brands understands that partnering with influencers can help maximize mass personalization and establish authentic communication channels. They all work with influencers to target each audience segment to inspire, create, or co-create content for the growing diversity of their marketing needs and product use cases.

For a complete overview of the state of Halloween influencer generated content, check out the infographic below.