When will the evil corporations ever learn that we mean it when say that we don’t want them drilling for oil in our Arctic waters? It seems as though they’ve learnt nothing over the years in regards to our distrust in their ability to stop catastrophic oil spills — which we’re still feeling repercussions for in the Prince William Sound massacre, some 23 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Or, that Shell’s Chukhi drill site is the summer home of gray whales, and no research submarine has surveyed this area before, and the plans to begin exploratory drilling risks a destructive oil spill in an area where the biodiversity is relatively unknown and already threatened by climate change?

We understand oil is a hot commodity (our entire modern world depends on it) but for the sake of saving money and not having to depend so heavily on foreign oil, the price isn’t worth it. We all know the savings won’t be passed down to the consumer in the form of lower gas prices or cheaper heating options — at best they’ll stay where they are, if we’re even that lucky. Oil giants like Shell and Russia’s Gazprom threaten the entire ecosystem of the melting arctic. Polar bears, whales, and other creatures reside there — even native people. Russian oil companies are already damaging their Arctic areas, and we need to keep the unowned and uninhabited area around the North Pole a sanctuary, on both the Alaskan and Russian arctic fronts.

Two Greenpeace ships, the Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise, are already on their way to the arctic right now to head off the Arctic oil rush. See what they’re up against in the graphic below.

via: Greenpeace

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