As 1 in 5 of recent graduates in the UK are unemployed, you may be looking for alternate methods of earning money than that of your preferred industry. Becoming part of the growing number of freelancers could be a way enjoying your current lifestyle and keep the bank happy! However, freelancing can also be a difficult medium to break into, and with that in mind we have created a very insightful infographic. By following the steps outlined in our guide, and by making use of services such as the free DIY website builder Moonfruit, you can make it much easier for yourself and reap better results.

Begin by reading the five basic ‘commandments’ which are – be prepared to work to a schedule; treat every client as if they are your only client; see freelancing as a business and not just a hobby; market your work every day; be willing to work for free if it will add to your portfolio. These simple rules are designed to put the work structure in place for you. Create a business plan as this will help you find your strengths and weaknesses and do research into how you intend to market your services. As traditional resumes are slowly dying out, look at creating your own online portfolio. Many professionals have realised that a single sheet of paper cannot do justice to their skills which is why they prefer to use digital portfolios.

Putting a value on the service you will be offering can be daunting at first, but there are many websites and books that cover freelancing fees. If you always remember that you have an advantage as you are a graduate you can price yourself accordingly. Follow our 5 steps to guard against non-payment, make sure you pay your taxes and make the most of being your own boss!