Google has once again made serious changes to its search engine algorithms and this time the focus is on mobile. As Google previously announced, implementation of these changes to the algorithms will make the search engine mechanisms start churning and looking at mobile-friendly factors as basis for ranking in mobile search results.

With these changes, mobile search users will now get better and higher quality search results showcasing mobile-friendly sites that are better optimized for their mobile devices.

On a Goggle+ hangout with Search Engine Land, Google confirmed that the algorithm will rank sites as either a mobile-friendly site or it is not – there are no in-betweens. What this means is that if your site is not mobile-friendly, your site’s ranking on mobile search results will definitely take a major hit.

People are now calling this roll out the Mobilegeddon in anticipation of this impact, but what this imply is website owners should start preparing and make their sites mobile-friendly.

And your first step in this regard starts now.

Why Mobile?

ComScore estimates that as much as 60% of Google searches are generated my mobile search users. However, many sites are still not geared for mobile devices and many will not appear optimized on the small screens of these gadgets.

With such a big share in overall traffic, it is but logical for Google to ensure that search users get the best results, most relevant sites and of course, the most mobile-friendly sites ranked higher in search results.

The Impact

So, how will these new changes to the algorithm affect search results? According to Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji from the Webmaster Trends team, the impact will be big – even bigger than what Panda and Penguin did.

But what’s more important at this point is to understand that most websites are not yet mobile-friendly. In fact, as much as 67% of Fortune 100 company websites are not yet optimized for the mobile screen, so algorithm changes will definitely make a big hit this way and affect existing ranks and scores.

Want more? Check the infographic below!

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.