Outmarket has created an interesting infographic specifically directed to the CMO social media skeptic. I found it interesting to view the good and the bad comparison and I hope you do too.

5 Key Statistics

The Good:

  • More than 80% of consumers look at online reviews weekly before buying
  • Marketing budgets will grow over the next 12 months in social advertising, online video and social engagement
  • 74% of 16-24 year olds say they cannot be parted from their mobile phones
  • 90% of the world’s data was created within the past two years thanks to social media
  • 25% of US TV viewers say they’re more aware of programs because of their social media interactions

The Bad:

  • 50% of brands’ C-suite aren’t convinced of social’s value
  • Social media only accounts for 1.14% of all e-commerce traffic
  • 85% of companies do not connect social activity to business outcomes
  • Email still outperforms social media in terms of conversions 40 to 1 (NOTE: I do not see this as “bad” news)

Outmarket’s 3 Quick Tips

1. Integrate social with your CRM system to track and record engagement with prospects.

2. Integrate social with your website, emails, press releases and other marketing platforms to present a cohesive, multi-channel presence.

3. Use social to generate leads by monitoring and responding to potential customers’ buying signals.

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